The touch of a craftsperson.
The rigor of a manufacturer.

Elegance and longevity.

Our modern furniture is made to last.

Nature works wonders. So do we.

The durability and beauty of birch furniture. The variety of our classic designs. The finesse of our furniture’s details. This is what inspires us.

Wood. Endlessly modern.

Superior-quality manufacturing. Uniquely hand-finished. Distinctive transitional styles.

Your children are growing up. Our furniture stands the test of time and trends.

Functional and durable, our furniture is perfect to create dream rooms.

The touch of the manufacturer. The nobility of birch.

Each of our collections come to life thanks to our talented team.

The touch of a craftsperson: bringing wood to life.

Each piece is unique and has its own story.

Votre enfant change, Nos meubles traversent les tendances.

Fonctionnels et durables, parfaits pour créer un univers rêve!
Your style. Your way. Our collections for adults and young people make dreams come true.


A reassuring style that remains timeless.

Our designers love to reinvent classic furniture.


A modern twist on classic styles.

The perfect design for those who want the best of both worlds.


Sleek designs, pure lines, and distinctive textures.

Furniture for people who love trends.

Decades of know-how
And attention to detail.

Wood has been at the heart of our family since 1948. Our products are made here by people from here. We have been proud to brighten the days of our clients for over 67 years. Our reputation is based on the rigor and quality of our products.

Our designs are unique—and so are you!

the essence of our success.

Each piece of our furniture is hand-made and rigorously inspected to ensure it meets our standards for quality.

Our masterpieces must be flawless both in appearance and to the touch.

Our creations
pay tribute to our passion for wood.

The variations in the grains of our wood highlight the unique characteristics and natural beauty of our furniture. Our respect for wood, our primary resource, is reflected in the quality of everything we make.

Nature works wonders. And so do we.

We care about the environment
Because nature gives us our primary resource.

Each day, we are guided by rigor. Our products are packaged for delivery using cardboard made from 65% recycled fibers. What’s more: our company has converted its facilities to transform unused wood residue into heating fuel for our factory.

We take the necessary steps—big or small—to be eco-friendly!